Who are we?

Green Machine was started by two school friends, Gideon and Chad. Typical Capetonians who enjoy the outdoors and like to eat healthy, natural foods, we got frustrated with the sugar-laden junk-foods that most vending machines are stocked with. How is food like that supposed to keep you productive everyday? Most food you get out of a vending machine leaves you with a sugar-high (followed by that sugar slump at 4.00pm), or a stodgy and bloated feeling after eating too many fatty crisps or other high GI foods. So we came up with the idea of a healthy vending machine that’s more like a health fridge.

The Green Machine is a healthy, modern alternative to traditional food snacks. No sugary, preservative-laden junk foods. Just delicious, healthy food that will leave you feeling great and nurturing your body the way nature intended.

We personally taste and research all products going in to any Green Machine, and if we're not convinced it’s good, natural and healthy, it doesn’t go into the machine.

The other criteria was cost. With Green Machine, we set out to find products that not only tasted delicious and were healthy, but were priced to deliver value. We set out to break the stigma of ‘healthy costs more’, by ensuring that Green Machine foods remain a reasonably priced alternative to junk foods.

We view ourselves as social entrepreneurs. By helping to find solutions to South Africa's obesity issues we want to make a difference in communities.

That’s why we named it ‘Green Machine’ – it’s a conveniently placed fridge at your office, school, university, hospital or mall, that gives you the power to choose to eat clean, and enjoy a delicious, healthy snack.